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Sleeping Disorders: Must-Know Facts Related To Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Before going any further, you have to know what sleep apnea is.

Sleep apnea is a disorder that is responsible for impossible breathing during sleep. This is due to the blocked airways in which air is limited to the brain, lungs, and body causing loud snoring or choking noises.

Worst case scenario is that individuals who suffer this kind of problem are kept awake at night because they cannot breathe in their sleep. One of the common types of apnea is the Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

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Where does one accumulate sleep apnea?

Tissues from the back of your throat falls completely or partially as you sleep. When the tissues collapse the muscles relax and this then blocks the airways.

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What are the symptoms associated to sleep apnea?

Family members are most likely to discover sleep apnea before the individuals who suffer it. One of the obvious symptoms is loud snoring followed by silent breathing pauses or gasping sounds. Among the other symptoms are insomnia, irritability, memory loss, restlessness, heartburn, and a lot more.

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How is sleep apnea prevented?

Sleep apnea can be prevented through enhancing your lifestyle. In order to stop the throat from relaxing, you can prohibit taking pills before bed. There is also a long way in eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How can you treat sleep apnea?

Positional therapy can help, one option is to wear a device around the waist or back that forces the person to sleep on their side.

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With all these said, may you be able to learn all there is to know about sleep disorders and ways to help you prevent it. For a support system, best if you associate with people who understand what it is you are going through.

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