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Public Speaking and Body Language

You have to factor in so many things as you prepare to address a crowd. Of all the things you will do, you cannot afford to forget to keep the crowd excited. With the right public speaking training, you shall manage this effortlessly.
Body language matters a lot when it comes to how you will excite the crowd. You need to stay energized as you deliver the speech if you are to influence the audience the same way. There is a lot you communicate through non-verbal cues. This kind of communication reaches further than any words you could use.
There is a need to first of all feel in control of the space you are in. If you allow yourself to become nervous, you shall soon find that even speaking is hard. Your body language shall communicate defeat, leaving your message in shreds. You can beat that moment by simply assessing your physical presence. You need to consider the alignment of your spine. The best way to feel in command is to stand front and center. Do not hide behind the podium or other presentation material. When you are directly linked to the audience, they will take in your message much better.
You need to then move around the stage. As much as the space may be limited, some movement is necessary. You need to avoid unnecessary shifting. There is a need to keep your movements with purpose. You need to add on some movements. As you move to another part of the stage, make connections there. Each time you stop, you need to make a point before moving. Do not also repeat a movement too much. That is a sign of nervousness, and a coping mechanism that dilutes your stage presence.
There is a need for you to use hand gestures more often. Hand gestures are what people rely on unconsciously to make a conclusion of your trustworthiness. We make impressions on people all the time, which they use to gauge their responsiveness to what you are saying. A lack of trust on their part means your message will not resonate with them. They learn to trust you if what you are saying matches with your body language. If for example, you keep your hands hidden, people immediately lose trust in you. Those who keep their hands together look more trustworthy, and so their message resonates with the audience better. You can communicate more excitement be using more hand gestures. However, overdoing it does not look good at all.
There are even more aspects of body language such as eye contact that is critical to your public speaking session. There is a need to work with a public speaker coach for that. You can view more info from Moxie on the subject, from this institute’s site.